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Freedom and Accountability

A thought to ponder about your approach to your work environment from Peter Koestenbaum and Peter Block in Freedom and Accountability at Work:

According to existential thinking, our blame and judgment of others is merely a symptom, as are our feelings of vulnerability. A root cause of the blame, judgment, and complaining is our denial of our freedom. We institutionally deny the fact that each of us–through our actions and our view of the world–is creating the organization and the leadership we are so fond of complaining about. Deciding that I have created the world around me–and therefore I am the one to fix it–is the ultimate act of accountability. (p. 26)

It takes courage to be more than Persona, simply aping the established culture at work. Start by quieting your own complaining and strategize steps, however small and tentative, that have the potential to move your work culture toward a more effective and affirming environment. Whatever you in your sphere of influence can attempt. Remember the old saw “If we try, we might succeed and we might fail. If we don’t try, we’re guaranteed to fail.” Even failure can feel satisfying, because we tried to make a difference, however small.

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