Full Circle POV

Nurturing a holistic, integral point of view for greater leader and team effectiveness and member well-being.

Organizational Change and Transitions

Classic organization development consulting, with a focus on development and growth of organization and team competencies.

Full Circle Dynamics works with leaders and appointed design teams to research problems, analyze and interpret data, collaboratively determine best steps for action, implement change processes and evaluate outcomes.

I don’t seek to become your expert – I seek to help develop and implement your organization’s range of expertise. Strategic planning and process development are frequently aspects of this range of services

William Bridges asserts that change isn’t difficult for people; transition is the difficulty. Transition involves leaving a familiar state of being or way of doing things, even one that is unproductive or dysfunctional, and moving to a new, unfamiliar way of being. It causes anxiety in the best of us.

Planned transitions that are viewed through an integral mindset (comprehensive, inclusive, and balanced) have the fewest unintended and undesirable consequences.

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