Full Circle POV

Nurturing a holistic, integral point of view for greater leader and team effectiveness and member well-being.

Integral Culture

Little, some would say nothing, is accomplished in an organization in isolation. In some way, shape, or form, every executive, leader, or employee is dependent on the knowledge, skills, and mindsets of others in the organization, often in unseen ways.

Organizations and teams seek to create a uniform culture to maximize the focused energy toward a common goal and to minimize the possible derailers that can occur. Organizations and teams create development plans to accomplish this alignment.

The integral organization understands the “butterfly effect” identified by systems and complexity theories that a change in one part of a team or organization impacts, for better or worse, every other part.

Either/or understandings often create or perpetuate systemic dysfunctions and disrupt maximum “flow.” Integral perspectives promote both/and, multi-level communication and problem solving. This is developed most readily at the level of the team, where there is a higher level of day-to-day communication, interaction, and intimacy.

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