Full Circle POV

Nurturing a holistic, integral point of view for greater leader and team effectiveness and member well-being.

Team Development

Your team needs to work as a whole, not at cross-purposes.

How can you achieve your mission and business goals or manage transitions when your people can’t work together effectively? Challenges routinely arise from the mix of personalities, cultural backgrounds, and professional perspectives. Whatever the mix, you want the diversity of your team to be a catalyst for creative engagement, not conflict and fragmentation.

Individual achievement while striving toward collective goals.

Circle of Hands

Full Circle Dynamics seeks to provide comprehensive, inclusive and balanced services to organizational clients. Prepackaged approaches generally don’t address the uniqueness in each client’s concerns and circumstances. Consulting, coaching, faciltation, and training are all viable options to consider to best fit the requirements of client needs.

Services always begin with a thorough assessment of the challenge(s) presented by clients to understand together the nature of the current situation. From there, the leader or design team and I identify the desired outcomes and draw on the most effective approaches to achieve those outcomes.

While the services identified below may seem generic, the services provided are specifically chosen and tailored to the client’s particular wants and circumstances. At times, a combination of services best serves the development or transition needs of the client.

Life and work are more effective and satisfying when
body, mind, heart, and spirit
are all nurtured and aligned toward purpose



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