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Psychological Type

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)®

The MBTI is used extensively as a tool to provide people insight into their own psychological preferences that impact substantively how they think and act, and typological dynamics within teams. Most people, who have been through an MBTI training receive a cursory overview, with limited nuance. As a Jungian therapist and expert in psychological type, I am able to bring deeper, useful insights.

Part 1: A three-hour introduction or review of the four Step-1 MBTI scales and an interactive discussion of the nuances of the theory as researched and experienced in depth as a practitioner using the instrument in organizational and clinical settings. Since invariably some group members are familiar with the instrument and the underlying theory and some are not, this session is important to insure that everyone has the same basic knowledge. Participants are tested prior to the workshop. This workshop is the prerequisite session for Part 2.

Part 2: A three-hour session that delves into what Isabel Myers called “the heart of the MBTI.” This session explores the hierarchy of the functions; the dynamics of dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior function; predicable connects and disconnects between people; and the emergence of uncomfortable manifestations of the inferior function and how to manage those effects.


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