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Interface Dynamics™ – Bridging Differences

Webster’s Dictionary defines an interface as “the place at which independent systems meet and act on or communicate with each other.”

By it’s very nature, an interface is full of intellectual, social, and emotional dynamics that have the potential for tremendous creativity or conflict. Attempts to remove the dynamic nature of interfaces is futile and undesirable. Identifying and channeling the dynamics are essential for the effective organization.

There is a myriad of potential dynamic differences, or differentials, at play: knowledge, skills and experience; social class and culture; philosophical and religious beliefs;, economic status; demographics (age, gender, generation, race, culture, sexual orientation); personality; purpose; power; contexts; horizontal and vertical relationship; and more. These differential gaps can make or break the effectiveness of the team or organization.

Therefore, it is essential for leaders and teams to commit to Bridging Differences™, which involves three necessary steps: Mind the Gaps–identify and monitor the dynamic differentials; Mend the Gaps–heal damaged or dysfunctional dynamics; and Mine the Gaps–nurture and leverage creative and productive benefit from the dynamic differentials.

Following an extensive review and assessment of the collaboration and communication challenges and goals of a client, a planned approach is designed to facilitate positive growth in functioning. Different perspectives do not necessarily generate conflict. Whether conflict is present or not, opportunities wait for leaders and teams who want to harness the possibilities in the dynamic differences.

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